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Parc Le Védrignans****
Parc El Pastural****
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Surrounding countryside and activities


The land, its landscapes, its fauna, its flora

Staged from 1200 m to 3000 m (3900 to 9800 feet) in altitude, the land is remarkable for the diversity of landscapes, environments, fauna and flora that compose it!
La La Cerdanya forms a vast cross-border altitude plain surrounded by the mountains of Carlit, Puigmal and Campcardos. Suitable for pedestrian activities, it offers open landscapes, contrasting and changing with the seasons: groves of the Sègre and irrigation canals, wooded mountain sides or covered with rocky chaos, snow-covered or verdant peaks.
Sa faune et sa flore exceptionnelles vous raviront d'émerveillement.

Unmissable: The valley of 1000 flowers (Eyne), the Camporells lakes and its indisputable flora, the Bouillouses lake and the ascent of the Carlit peak, the Campcardos valley.


Want to spend your energy while having fun?


Whether you are a family walker or an experienced hiker, the "Pyrenees Cerdagne" site offers 53 hiking routes free of charge
Summer and winter alike, many professional organizations support you for new and unique experiences. Rebirth and transformation for the "PUIGMAL 2900" station! More than a traditional ski resort, PUIGMAL 2900 will be a place where everyone will experience an authentic "Mountain Experience" during the 4 seasons. Try canyoning with "Canyoning Expérience" and "Le Plein de nature". By mountain bike or snowshoeing, "Le Plein de Nature" offers you supervised hikes. Also discover the zip lines of "Tyrovol", the largest zip line course in the Pyrenees for thrills. "Vol'Aime" is a pro paragliding school for you to soar very high.

Acrobats in grass? discover "Drop-in Water Jump Cerdanya" which offers trampoline, crazy jump, tracks, crazy slide, donuts, wheels !!! "L'Espace Aqualudique" d'Err offers a nautical complex for young and old with a giant slide with 3 tracks. For those used to sports halls, a multi-sports complex welcomes you in Puigcerda; tennis, training pool, ice rink, volleyball, jacuzzi, sauna...        Find all the addresses of professionals here

Do you want "well-being" in a privileged environment?

Our land is full of many natural hot springs.
The Romans already rubbed shoulders with these natural treasures and probably many others before them. "Simple" warm, relaxing waters, but full of minerals endowed with beneficial properties, these springs are a real heritage gem.
During your stay, you can go in a few minutes to the "Bains de Dorres" (known as Roman baths) and to the "Bains de Llo" which offers original massages and treatments, drawn from Nature.
A little further down you will discover the Bains de Saint Thomas.
Going to the Capcir in Les Angles, "L'Espace Angleo" offers massages, swimming, beauty treatments, aquagym.

Find all the addresses of the baths here

Discover the cultural, historical and archaeological heritage


Symbol and pride of the Catalan Pyrenees, the "Yellow Train" offers an exceptional view of the Têt valley and the Cerdagne plateau
The Cerdan land is full of energies, naturally become the cradle of scientific sites linked to solar energy, which is at the heart of the research work carried out in the "Solar Furnaces" of Mont-Louis, Odeillo, as well as 'at the Thémis solar power plant.
A walk to discover the archaeological heritage of the village of Eyne: dolmens, menhirs, megalithic chests litter this walk.
At the "Museum of Cerdanya", let yourself be told about Cerdanya over time.
The Romanesque style churches, dating from

the 11th to the 13th century, sometimes perched very high, but often in the heart of villages.

In the footsteps of the brilliant Vauban, from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenean summits, come and discover our magnificent bastioned fortresses, their original stories and their secrets ... The citadel of Mont-Louis and the fortified city of Villefranche-de-Conflent as well as Fort Liberia are classified as World Heritage by Unesco within the framework of the network of major Vauban sites. So add these tourist sites to the program of your holidays in the Catalan Pyrenees.
Discover Llivia's "Farmacia Esteva" which exhibits a magnificent collection dating from the 16th to the 20th century.

Find all the addresses of places to visit here

Want to "eat well" for all tastes?

Butcher's side delicatessen caterer :
In Err and Bourg-Madame the "Maison Pouget", brings you a wide choice of local specialties. Taste, flavor, variety and quality are the hallmarks of the Pouget family business.  
In Saillagouse, "Bonzom et Fils", makes you discover its dryer with 1500 hams.

Restaurant side (our favorite tables) :

"Le Pradet" in Err
"Le Crapahuteur" in Saillagouse
"Chez Planes" in Saillagouse
"Le Chalet des pizzas" in Saillagouse
"La Table des Saveurs" in Font-Romeu
"Cal Cofa" àin Llivia (Spanish enclave)
"La Cantina" in Llivia (Spanish enclave)

Find all the addresses here Find all the addresses here

Parc National Régional des Pyrénées catalanes
Certifié Classement **** du Ministère  du tourisme en France
5 cottages equipped for people in wheelchairs
Certifié label Qualité Tourisme
Certifié Label  Qualité Sud France
Certifié Label Camping Qualité
Paiement accepté par Chèques Vacances
Free Wifi
The Residential Leisure Parks Le Védrignans and El Pastural offer rentals of equipped wooden cottage on weekends and per week, both summer and winter. The parks are located in Saillagouse and Err, in Cerdagne in the Pyrénées Orientales France, a few minutes from the ski resorts. Residential Parks "Le Vedrignans" and "El Pastural" -
Rental of equipped chalets in French Cerdagne at 1300 m (4200 feet) height Pyrénées Orientales.